Spot of Essiac Tea Special

$ 20.00

This could be called the Micro-minimalist Essiac Tea Kit. When you get down to it, many people already have suitable pots and bottles or jars, funnels and strainers or can get them locally or just pour carefully and dispense with the funnel and strainer altogether! This works fine when you are making only one jar or bottle at a time.

Featured in the Spot of Tea Special is our personalized Blue Moon Herbs tea cup - 7.5 oz. and made of vitrified Porcelain so it won't chip easily. Also included is a stainless steel 1 oz. (equal to 30 ml, 1/8 cup) measuring cup which can be used to measure one serving. 

The Spot of Essiac Tea Special includes:

  • 1 - 10 gram packet of Essiac 4-herb tea mix (makes one quart, a two+ week supply
  • Essiac info and tea-making instructions.
  • Blue Moon Herbs tea cup
  • 1 oz. measuring cup (serving size = 1 - 2 oz. per day)

 Simple! Inviting. Enjoy!