Autumn 2022 Closeout Clearance on Essiac Extra 50%

$ 6.00 $ 7.00

10g - now $6

2 oz. - now $33

The more Sheep sorrel root in Essiac, the more potent it is.  Rene Caisse hung her hat on the importance of this ingredient above all others, even saying that without it in the mix, Essiac was not the real deal. We have always tried to include as much root as possible. 65% is our record, and we are finally getting back to it!  

As we sell out of our 25% and 50% stock we will be transitioning to the new ratios (40% and 65%). The transition will be seamless because..

The price will remain the same!

Our goal is to clear out our remaining stock to make way for higher Sheep sorrel root content in all of our Essiac formulae and to also make way for a new sorrel root crop in the spring! What remains in stock of our 25% and 50% ratios is all going on sale!

Fact: Even though our herb prices will not increase, for the duration of this sale they have considerably decreased! Quantities are limited. When we sell out, this sale ends.

    Enjoy your Essiac Extra! It is silky smooth and has a rich amber color, slightly darker than regular Essiac. The extra Sheep sorrel roots add to its potency while also making the flavor even more amazing!