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A multiple choice answer! The Blue Moon Herbs Deluxe Essiac Tea Sampler Pack


  • One 10g packet Classic 4-Herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel 25% roots
  • One 10g packet Essiac Gold - Classic 4-herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel 25% roots, with Goldenseal
  • One 10g packet Essiac with Red Clover - Classic 4-herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel 25% roots, with Red clover
  • One 10g packet Essiac Extra - Classic  4-herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel 50% roots
  • One 10g packet Essiac Topical Solution - overall content 75% Sheep sorrel roots
  • 1 oz./30ml measuring cup
  • 7 oz. Blue Moon Herbs Teacup

The herbs in the Essiac Deluxe Sampler Pack make a total of five quarts of tea, enough for a total of approximately 3 - 6 months.  Each 10g packet makes one quart of decoction, which is stored in the refrigerator and added to hot water one or two oz. at a time to make a serving. The recommended serving size is 1-2 fl oz. (30-60 ml) per day. 

Based on testimony from the 1939 Canadian Cancer Commission hearings and many other pieces of information in the Essiac Archives, the 4-herb Essiac was Rene Caisse's core formula from the late 1920s onward.  However, odds are definitely in favor of her occasionally using Watercress, Red clover, Periwinkle and Goldthread or Goldenseal  in the Essiac formula - when they were available and/or she wanted a specific additional herb for a specific patient. Rene Caisse also substituted other herbs for Sheep sorrel, such as Red clover and Watercress, when supplies were low.

Essiac Gold and Essiac with Red Clover were probably the most common variations on Essiac that Rene Caisse used.

Essiac Extra, with double the ratio of Sheep sorrel roots to aerial parts as our original Essiac, is not only more potent but really showcases how Essiac with a high portion of Sheep sorrel roots in relation to the aerial parts is a very different cup of tea than most Essiac on the market today. It affords a sample of what Essiac with only 17% soft plant material in it looks, tastes and goes down like. It is very nice! Staff pick. 

Essiac Topical Solution can be taken internally or used externally. Its main ingredient is Sheep sorrel root, which is otherwise commercially unavailable in its basic dried form, finely cut, not powdered, and certified Organic.The Deluxe Sampler Pack also includes a 7 oz. Blue Moon Herbs mug, the perfect size for Essiac, and a one fl. oz. measuring cup (2 tablespoons).

Enjoy your Essiac! And your Essiac Gold and your Essiac with Red Clover! And Essiac Topical Solution and Essiac Extra! 

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