2022 Autumn Closeout Clearance - 10g Essiac with Red Clover 25% Now $5!

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This variation of Essiac is our Staff Favorite!

2 sizes:

10g - $8.00   NOW $5! 

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Essiac with Red Clover is a variation on the the Classic 4-herb Essiac formula, with the Sheep sorrel content 25% roots and 75% arial parts, and with added Red clover (Trifolium pratense). Red clover was listed by Rene Caisse as one of the original eight Essiac herbs used by the Native Americans.

The taste is great and the tea a slightly more reddish tint than our standard 4-herb Essiac. Research is showing that the isoflavone Genistein in Red clover is effective against free radical damage to DNA from uncontrolled cell division and also helps with postmenopausal bone formation. For much more info and references to the research see The Essiac Essentials Handbook (Mali Klein, 2016, softcover).

Always consult with your physician if you are in doubt about Essiac with Red Clover’s coumarin content, which may duplicate the action of blood-thinning medication.