Featured Products and a short note! Spring/Summer 2022

May 2022 is already half over and we have just finished our monthly packaging day at the Mission West Food Processing Facility in Ronan, Montana. It is just 11 miles from our office and it is the only food manufacturing shared use facility in the state! We mixed and packaged some Essiac Topical Solution herbs. This time was the first to make the mix 83% Sheep sorrel roots, up from 63% and still only $10 for herbs enough for one quart of decoction!

Thank you Mission West Community Development Partners for making it possible for this 14 year old very small business to prosper in 2022, thanks to the leg-up to help get us through the pandemic! This is thanks to the affordability of packaging and storage of our herbs and access to FDA-approved food manufacturing equipment (think mixing bowl to hold 40 lbs!) and facilities to do it in (small businesses sharing commercial space and equipment made possible by MWCDP saves us all on costs).  What these folks have done with the creation of this community-oriented organization helps the entire area be more resilient, and everyone benefits. Even the school lunch programs get food right from here!

Spring planting time! We have Essiac Seed Kits available, on sale for $17.

One more sale item: The Essiac Essentials Handbook now for $10! This is the best source of Essiac info in the world and provides the reader with everything to know about sourcing growing harvesting and working with the herbs.

Stay tuned for our Summer Glad To Be Here Essiac Specials - Heart of Gold and Fields of Clover! Essiac names inspired by the Essiac Muse :)