Essiac Sampler Pack

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Two sizes

- 10g (30g total) - $25 NOW ON SALE TILL MAY 31 2020 - $20

- 2 oz. ( 6 oz. total) - $100. NOW ON SALE TILL MAY 31 2020 - $80


All three packets in the sampler pack contain Rene Caisse's classic 4-herb Essiac formula consisting of Burdock, Sheep sorrel (25% roots), Slippery elm and Turkey rhubarb. Essiac Gold contains added Goldenseal and Essiac with Red Clover has a small amount of Red clover added. The 4-herb formula was varied in this way by Rene Caisse. 

10g makes one quart, 2 oz. makes 5+ quarts. Recommended dosage 1-2 fl oz. (30-60 ml) per day. A 10g packet will last one person 2+ weeks at the maximum dosage. A good rule of thumb is one person will go through at most one oz. of the dry herb mix per month, taking 2 fl. oz. of the decoction per day.


  • One packet Classic 4-Herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel content 25% roots
  • One packet Essiac Gold - Classic 4-herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel content 25% roots, with added Goldenseal
  • One packet Essiac with Red Clover - Classic 4-herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel content 25% root, with added Red clover

The 4-herb Essiac was Rene Caisse's core formula from the late 1920s onward.  However, odds are definitely in favor of her occasionally using some of the other herbs in the original 8-herb formula - Watercress, Red clover, Periwinkle and Goldthread - when they were available and/or she wanted the additional herb for a specific patient. She also substituted other herbs in when supplies were low. For example, she probably occasionally substituted Red clover or Watercress for Sheep sorrel.

Essiac Gold and Essiac with Red Clover are the formulae that Mali Klein determined were the most accurate representations of what Rene Caisse was doing, based on testimony from the 1939 Canadian Cancer Commission hearings and many other clues in the Essiac Archives collected and analyzed over time. 

There are lots of ways one might add other herbs or otherwise alter their 4-herb Essiac to customize it. However, there is a synergy with the four herbs, and it is unknown how that is affected if you add other herbs. At Blue Moon we stick only with what we know Rene Caisse was doing. Thus, we offer the two variations. The sampler comes in two sizes and is a small savings over buying the herbs separately. The herbs can be taken in any order but keep with the recommended dosage of 1-2 fl. oz. (30-60 ml per day total dosage. 

Enjoy your Essiac! And your Essiac Gold! And your Essiac with Red Clover!