Essiac with Red Clover

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2 sizes:

10g - $8.50

2oz. - $37.00

Essiac with Red Clover is a variation on the the Classic 4-herb Essiac formula, with the Sheep sorrel content 25% roots and 75% arial parts, and with added Red clover (Trifolium pratense). Red clover was listed by Rene Caisse as one of the original eight Essiac herbs used by the Native Americans.

Red clover has a high protein content and was therefore not a good candidate for injection in the 1920s when Rene Caisse was refining the formula. She did not use it after that in her main Essiac 4-herb formula except possibly as a substitute for Sheep sorrel when she was low on supplies or had a patient that would particularly benefit from this added herb.  

Available in 10 gram and 2 oz. sizes or as part of the Essiac Sampler Pack. Essiac with Red Clover tastes really good!