South Shield Tea - Essiac with Red Clover Roots

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This seasonal Essiac blend contains Red clover (Trifolium pratense) root. Red clover is one of the original eight Essiac herbs, as described in Mali Klein's book Black Root Medicine the Original Native American Essiac Formula.  We are anticipating having this tea available in 2018. We are waiting for Red clover roots to grow!

We use the root, keeping with the philosophy that the root would have been the most likely part of the plant to keep on hand year-round or if traveling, back in the late 1800s when this formula was given by the Native American Medicine man to the woman who gave it to Nurse Rene Caisse in the 1920s. Leaves and flowers would have been much more perishable and may have only been used seasonally.

South Shield Tea is  "...preferred where there is a history of osteoporosis and arthritis, although a caution should be observed for anyone on anticoagulation medication." - Black Root Medicine, the Original Native American Essiac Formula, 2014, Mali Klein.  

South Shield Tea is described as an "optional, adjunct therapy to Classic Essiac Tea." It is made in the same way as regular Essiac tea, and contains all of the same herbs as our Organic, U.S.-grown Blue Moon Herbs Essiac, in the same proportions, with added Red Clover Root. 1/2 oz. packet makes five cups, suggested serving size: 1-2 oz. per day, in 2-4 oz. water. 

Sheep Sorrel content:  25% root

Red Clover content: 100% root

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