Essiac Tea-making Kit

$ 75.00

Rene Caisse and Mary McPherson used to make up two gallons of Essiac decoction at a time in a big old enamel kettle.  But in today's world, unless you are an Essiac Angel and making it up for others in quantity, all you may need is a quart or two at a time.  It is easier to make up smaller amounts because you don't need a big canning kettle and all the gear that goes along with it.  Our kettle has a lid with a built-in strainer, for easy decanting - you can also use a funnel and kitchen strainer to strain even smaller pieces, but the lid on the kettle and a little careful pouring will work just fine on its own.  

We are so pleased to offer this kit, after over a year of working out just the right size kettle to work with our 10g size herb packets!

We now feature 16 oz. brown "Boston Round" bottles - like Rene Caisse used to use, and many people especially in Canada still use.  We previously included a one litre bottle with the kits, and they are still available separately, here

The kettle is 1.9 litres - 2 quarts, big enough to make one quart, (which ironically requires a kettle bigger than one quart in size to make!). It is narrow and deep, with a heavy bottom, so less chance of scorching liquids. The measurements are even written inside the pot, so you know where to fill it to. 

We highly recommend The Complete Essiac Essentials and Black Root Medicine, the Original Native American Essiac Formula, which can be added by checking the box below.  

1. The kettle - Krona 1.9L (2 qt.) stainless steel pot, with slotted lid.

2. 1 - 1 fl. oz. measuring spoon (2 tablespoons)

4. 2 - 16 oz. Boston round brown bottles

5. 2 - 10g packets of Essiac tea herbs - each packet makes one quart.

6. Blue Moon Herbs Essiac Informational brochure. 

The tea kit is expensive to ship outside of the US so Only Available for US orders.