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Blue Moon Herbs Essiac - Organic and/or clean and ethically wild-harvested U.S.-grown herbs, 4-herb Essiac formula, Sheep sorrel content 25% roots! Dried, pre-mixed, ready to brew. 

8 oz. (227g) - $115  While supplies last, just $98! The 8 oz. size is our best per ounce price other than the Essiac Master Batch (see below), and this sale brings the price halfway back down to the prices from a decade ago! We want to clear out our 2020 stock and have just 41 packets left. Best if used by May 2022. Get one while they last.

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Preparation: Essiac is a decoction, or concentrate, that is made by boiling the herbs for ten minutes, steeping them overnight and then refrigerating. Serving size is 1 - 2 fl. oz. per day.  Opened jars stay fresh for approximately three weeks. Makes a healthy tea that tastes good too!  

Ingredients: Burdock root, Sheep sorrel, (75% arial parts, and 25% roots); Slippery elm inner bark and Turkey rhubarb root. All of our herbs are from the US and are organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted in unpolluted areas, mostly in Western Montana.