Turkey Rhubarb Seed

$ 5.00

10 per packet. These seeds were sourced from Strictly Medicinal Seeds in Williams, Oregon. You can order directly from them but beware!! - they are the Candy Store of Cool and Rare Seeds and you may end up with other fun growing projects...  Turkey rhubarb is known for its beauty as an ornamental rhubarb, and its root has been used medicinally for over 400 years, but the stalk is not edible.

Turkey Rhubarb (Rheum Palmatum Tanguticum) - Perennial – temperate to cool climate, thrives in deep, moist, rich soil, (clay in it is fine), plenty of water, part shade to full sun.  Keep away from other rhubarb varieties as it hybridizes freely.

Habitat: – Native mountains and high plateaus of Northwest China and Tibet (4800 – 10,000 feet Elevations!) Hardy, survives in harsh climates.

Propagation: – Best sown in a shaded cold frame, either fall or early spring.  Transplant into individual pots and keep in greenhouse or cold frame first winter.  Plant two to three feet apart in moist, humus-rich soil, in full sun or partial shade.
Average germination time is 13 days.  Although rhubarb produces seeds, the preferred method of cultivation is by cutting and replanting pieces of its root in the early spring or in the fall. Divide the rootstock with a sharp spade or knife, making sure that there is at last one growth bud on each division. Larger divisions can be planted out direct into their permanent positions.  Its better to pot up the smaller divisions and grow in light shade in a cold frame before planting out.

Growing: Mulch with well-rotted manure in late winter or spring. 

Harvest: Harvest roots when plant is at least two years, preferably six years old. Harvest in early spring as leaf buds begin to sprout, or in the fall when the sap has returned to the roots. Dry the root whole and age 6-12 months before using.