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Essiac Extra is our version of a "double strength" Essiac. The herbs-to-water ratio is the same as all of our Essiac blends - the "double strength" part comes from using twice as much Sheep sorrel root (and half as much leaf) in the mix.

The more Sheep sorrel root in Essiac, the more potent it is.  Rene Caisse hung her hat on the importance of this ingredient above all others, even saying that without it in the mix, Essiac was not the real deal.

Historically speaking, the evidence strongly suggests that the Native American Medicine Man that originally shared his formula in Eastern Canada's Northern Ontario bush over 100 years ago probably used 100% Sheep sorrel roots, foregoing the bulky aerial parts except when they were in season during the spring and summer. The rest of the time it would have been the much easier to transport and less cumbersome roots that would have been used exclusively to make the tea.

With the higher root content, the boiling time for Essiac Extra decoction is lengthened slightly. Other than that, the entire preparation process is the same as with regular-strength Essiac. The recommended dosage is also the same, 1-2 fl. oz. (30-60ml) per day. It has a great smooth feel to it and is a little darker than regular Essiac. It tastes awesome! Because it is higher in potency  one can choose to begin with just  one tablespoon (1/2 fl. oz.) per day and adjust the dosage from there.

In the perfect world everyone would have access to great Essiac made using the public domain Essiac formula, containing Sheep sorrel with at least 25%  roots. This could involve a whole guild (to borrow from a permaculture term) that worked in concert to grow the herbs, make the tea and get it out to those who needed it, contributing to more vital local economies and more healthy self-reliant communities.

At Blue Moon Herbs, our regular Essiac herbs and all of our blends contain a minimum ratio of 25% Sheep sorrel roots to 75% aerial parts. However, given these extraordinary times, we thought you might like the option of the extra potency of Essiac with 50% roots. We are very pleased to offer Essiac Extra! Enjoy!

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