East Shield Tea - Essiac with Goldthread

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This seasonal Essiac blend combines our basic Organic 4-herb Essiac mix, Sheep sorrel content 25% roots, with wild Goldthread root, harvested from 'up the North Fork' in Idaho. Goldthread is one of the original eight Essiac herbs and Rene Caisse is known to have worked with it before, during and after her Cancer clinic days.  

Goldthread is a great source of berberine, which has been making the news for its anti-cancer properties.

We add the Goldthread separately to each packet to ensure an accurate measure. Goldthread acts as a catalyst and stimulator of the synergistic action of the Essiac herbs. We use the whole Goldthread herb. The leaves did not disintegrate once dried, and even in their dessicated state, the stems clearly did not want to be separated from the roots! These beautiful little plants come to you in their complete form, coarsely powdered.

East Shield Tea is described as an "optional, adjunct therapy to Classic Essiac Tea." It is made in the same way as regular Essiac tea. Makes five cups. Suggested serving size: 1-2 oz. per day, in 2-4 oz. water. Caution: Goldthread should be avoided during pregnancy and in cases of high blood pressure.

This blend will probably be available in limited quantities in 2018...in the meantime try Essiac Gold, made from Goldthread's cousin Goldenseal!


Goldthread content: 100% whole herb

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