Book and Tea Special

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Buy The Essiac Essentials Handbook (2016, softcover, Mali Klein, 81 p.) and its sister book Black Root Medicine the Original Native American Essiac Formula (2014, softcover, Mali Klein, 52 p.), along with a 10g packet of Blue Moon Essiac herbs (makes 16 two-oz. servings). These books are full of information and are well-written and the most accurate source of Essiac information hands down. They include info on the history of Essiac and Rene Caisse and also provide practical information to carry Essiac with us into the future: how to grow the herbs, make the tea and work with the various Essiac formulae.  Black Root Medicine the Original Native American Essiac Formula provides a look at the ways of a nature-based world respectful of all beings. Mali Klein shows us how Essiac compliments the restoration of balance, dignity and self-empowerment in our lives and in our decisions about how to live them.