The Complete Essiac Essentials

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Sheila Snow and Mali Klein, 2011, softcover, 182 pages.

We are out of print!! We will be getting more of these books in stock in 2019 or 2020.  In the meantime, The Essiac Essentials Handbook is a revolutionary read with all of the key facts, some previously undisclosed, laid out in a way that paints a very different picture than many people have of the life and times of Rene Caisse and Essiac and includes recipes. We also have Black Root Medicine, the Original Native American Essiac Formula, an equally good book that focuses on the original formula but also looks into the soul of the matter with healing. 

The Complete Essiac Essentials is, simply, the best all-in-one reference book on Essiac written. The Complete Essiac Essentials recounts the life and times of Rene Caisse, the Canadian nurse that developed an indigenous herbal tea into her herbal remedy "Essiac" in the 1920s. It also presents a very practical and informative analysis of Essiac. Mali Klein shares her findings after more than two decades of hands-on Essiac research and time spent working with cancer patients.

The Complete Essiac Essentials is written from a first-hand perspective. Co-author Sheila Snow was part of Rene Caisse's 'inner circle' in her later years. Sheila also had a long-time close friendship with another member of the 'inner circle,' Rene's ally and helper, Mary McPherson. Mary was the only person Rene Caisse is known to have allowed to be present when she made the decoction. The authors have gone to 'the source' for this book, in no small way.

The Complete Essiac Essentials provides instruction on all aspects of growing and harvesting the herbs and includes step-by-step directions for making the basic four herb decoction and some of the other formulae Rene Caisse was using. It includes sample programs for working with Essiac.

The Complete Essiac Essentials is a compilation of the earlier, now out of print Snow/Klein Essiac books. This final edition contains previously unreleased information from the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archives, the world's largest remaining collection of Essiac history.


In 2014 came  Black Root Medicine the Original Native American Essiac Formula (Mali Klein, 2014, softcover, 54 pages.) This book is written for those in the future who may benefit from its message, and for those in the present who are looking for an alternative. Mali's words weave together Buddhist and Indigenous traditions and include a myriad of other self-healing insights and tools. This easy-to-read book is an alchemy of prose, not one word is wasted.

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