Black Root Medicine - The Original Native American Essiac Formula

$ 13.00

Black Root Medicine - The Original Native American Essiac Formula (softcover, Mali Klein,  2014, 54 pages). This is a companion volume to The Complete Essiac Essentials book. It focuses in on the earliest known history of the Native American formula that became the original version of Nurse Rene Caisse's Essiac in the 1920s.  

Black Root Medicine offers a fascinating perspective through a lens spanning more than 100 years, all the way from the late 19th century, beyond the present and into the hands of future generations. This is a book about healing and the nature of healing. It draws from older healing traditions that survived and continue to be passed on.  Mali Klein follows the trail of the herbs from the Canadian bush into Rene Caisse's 20th century, and the fateful twists and turns Essiac took following Rene's death. This book provides and preserves the basic practical how-tos of growing these herbs and making and taking your own Essiac formulae.

What a read! Not one word wasted. The best info in the world on Essiac from the one who knows it the best - Mali Klein!