Our biggest news: A new Book from the Sheila Snow/Mali Klein collaboration! The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition (softcover, Sheila Snow & Mali Klein, 2021, 207 p.) is back from the printers and ready to make an awesome addition to your herbal book collection. It is beautiful and there is truly nothing like it in the world!!

With the new year of 2023 come more new choices at Blue Moon Herbs! We now offer Essiac Extra Gold. Coming soon, Essiac Extra with Red Clover!

We are also introducing a new packet size: the 20g. This size saves time and energy by cutting in half the time spent making decoction, and also, it is easy to make 2 quarts at a time in our 3 qt. kettle. Coming soon: the Deluxe Essiac Tea-making Kit, featuring the larger kettle, the new book, and amber narrow mouth canning jars! For now, we are selling the 3-qt. kettles separately.

We will continue to offer the 10g size of herbs in our Glad To Be Here section. Check out our Glad To Be Here Micro Mini Essiac Tea-Making Kit!