Essiac Herbs

Blue Moon Herbs Essiac - Organic U.S.-grown Essiac herbs, including Sheep sorrel, NOW (as of December 2022) 40% roots! Dried, pre-mixed, ready to brew. Choose from five sizes  - 10g (makes one quart), 20g, 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz. and 2 lb. 13 oz. - and four kinds - Classic 4-herb Essiac (Sheep sorrel 40% roots), 4-herb Essiac Extra (Sheep sorrel 65% roots), Essiac Extra Gold and Essiac Extra with Red clover, starting at $8.50.  Check out our Glad to be Here teas, which are available at a discount and in the 10g size (Sheep sorrel 25% roots). It is the Sheep sorrel root that makes our tea so special. We hope you enjoy your Essiac :) 

Preparation: Essiac is a decoction, or concentrate, that is made by boiling the herbs for ten minutes, steeping them overnight and then refrigerating. Serving size is 1 - 2 fl. oz. per day.  Opened jars stay fresh for approximately three weeks. Makes a healthy tea that tastes good too!  

Ingredients: Burdock root (and seed), Sheep sorrel (aerial parts and roots, seed); Slippery elm inner bark and Turkey rhubarb root. Essiac Extra Gold also contains Goldenseal rhizome.  Essiac Extra with Red Clover also contains Red clover! All of our herbs are from the US and are organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted in unpolluted areas, mostly in Western Montana.