Growing and Brewing Supplies

We offer Essiac Seed Kits with seeds for all four herbs (although Slippery elm is not currently available in 2023), or buy Sheep sorrel seeds separately! Sheep sorrel and Burdock can be harvested in the first year and they are the two primary ingredients in Essiac. They are both easy to grow and a joy to work with.  Burdock should not be allowed to go to seed though because it might not want to abandon your yard - the burrs are very opportunistic!  GROW YOUR ESSIAC HERBS! They may come in handy! It will definitely save you money if you even have a slightly green thumb. In fact, grow some vegetables while you are at it, and maybe some other healing herbs. There is so much in the plant kingdom to keep us well that this is a very good backup plan for these times :) Remember Victory Gardens?

We also offer three different Essiac Tea-Making Kits, with everything you will need to make your own Essiac from the dried herbs: The Glad To Be Here Mini Essiac Tea-making kit, The Blue Moon Essiac 2-Quart Essiac Tea-making Kit, and the Blue Moon Deluxe 3-Quart Essiac Tea-making Kit.

All of the kits include the dried herbs, a spoon to measure a serving of the decoction, a cup to drink it from, and a book to read while you sip your Essiac!

The one fl. oz. measuring spoon (30 ml, or 1/8 cup) is great! It is dual purpose! It holds approximately 10g of the dry mix, which is the amount to add to approximately one quart of water when making the decoction. Then after the decoction is made, one to two of the measuring-spoonfuls of decoction equals one to two fl. oz., the recommended daily serving! You can dilute the decoction with up to 6 or 8 oz. of water if desired. I add a little more, so my cup is full enough to make the drink hot without having to reheat the decoction, which is stored in fridge. The recommended serving size is 1-2 fl oz. which translates to one to two spoonfuls per day, diluted in up to 6-8 oz. water. 

Here is a breakdown comparison of the components of the three Essiac tea-making kits:

The Three Tea Kits








1/8 c. Measuring spoon



GTBH Mini Essiac Tea-Making Kit



10g Essiac Tea Herbs, Sheep sorrel 40% root


Black Root Medicine the Original Native American Essiac Formula











Blue Moon 2-Quart Essiac Tea-making Kit



2– 10g Essiac Tea Herbs, Sheep sorrel 40% root



The Essiac Essentials Handbook




2- 16 oz. blue Boston round bottles, with caps




2 -Quart kettle





Blue Moon Deluxe 3-Quart Essiac Tea-making Kit




1– 20g Essiac Extra

1- 20g Essiac Extra Gold

1- 20g; Essiac Extra with Red Clover


The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition 1922-2022



2 – narrow-mouth amber quart canning jars, with. lids

3-Quart kettle