The Essiac Essentials Handbook

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The best has been saved for the last....or has it? Printed in 2016, softcover, 81 pages... the Essiac Essentials Handbook will be going out of print soon. However, it is not the end! Stay tuned for another one this fall 2022 - the 100 year anniversary of Canadian nurse Rene Caisse's being given the original Native American herbal formula from which she refined her 4-herb Essiac that became famous. Her elderly hospital patient in Haileybury in Northern Ontario mining country back in 1922 when she was head nurse there.

In the meantime we are closing out our stock of the Essiac Essentials Handbook and passing on some savings to you in the process :)

The Essiac Essentials Handbook is the sixth product of the Sheila Snow/Mali Klein collaboration from the mid-1990s until Sheila's death in 2008. This book provides you with information and practical instruction for working with the five main Essiac formulae including Classic Essiac Tea and Black Root Medicine, the original 8-herb Native American remedy.

Sourced from the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive collection and her own extensive research, Mali Klein answers all the key questions and presents the strongest case yet for including Sheep sorrel root (Rumex acetosella) in the Essiac formulae. Essiac… the potential to improve ‘more than can be explained.’ This book contains very basic information on how to grow these herbs yourself and use them to maintain good health and resilience. An idea never more timely! Enjoy your Essiac...while you read this book :)

This book is also available digitally on Kindle (English), (French), (Spanish), (German), and Apple Books! (But we only have the printed English one.)