Black Root Medicine the Original Native American Essiac Formula - a new book by Mali Klein! February 24 2014

Ever wonder what it must have been like to have a breast cancer diagnosis 120 years ago?  Enter Black Root Medicine - The Original Native American Essiac Formula (softcover, 2014, 54 pages). This easy-to-read companion volume to The Complete Essiac Essentials book takes a uniquely inclusive look at the early history of the Native American formula that was the basis for Canadian nurse Rene Caisse's Essiac. The book will be available September 1, on Amazon and here at, for $12.  Pre-order with the discount code BRM and get a 10% discount!

Mali Klein and her late writing partner Sheila Snow have documented the history of Rene Caisse and Essiac extensively in a series of Essiac books: Essiac Essentials (1999), Essiac the Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy (2001), The Essiac Book (2006).  and The Complete Essiac Essentials (2010). Sheila co-authored the Canadian Homemaker's Magazine article that brought Essiac back from obscurity in June 1977: Could Essiac Halt Cancer? The final installment, Black Root Medicine - The Original Native American Essiac Formula, takes a step further back in time, to the days before the herbal remedy became known as Essiac. 

In the 1920s when Rene Caisse was working at a hospital in Haileybury Northern Ontario, she met the woman who had originally gotten the formula from a Medicine man some 30 years earlier.  The woman had recovered from breast cancer using the remedy.  "Mrs. Johnson" is the only scrap of this woman's name not lost to history  - "or it might have been Johnston."  "A mining camp in northern Ontario" is as specific as it gets for the town she lived in.  "A very old Native American medicine man" is as specific as the tribal affiliation gets - Ojibwa is just a guess.

Piecing together  the details with such little hard evidence and a long-cold trail is a challenge Mali has met in good form.  She has taken a step into the mists to reconstruct life in those days for us and in doing so has penned one of those books you can't put down.  It is a quick read and a worthy bedside companion for ending each day on the final section!

If you are familiar with the Snow/Klein work, well, you'll be checking your preconceived notions at the door to Chapter 1. This amazing little book draws from the written history found in the Essiac archives while shining the light on the most recent research findings about the properties of the original herbs. Black Root Medicine adds another dimension, bringing  late 19th century culture, traditions and worldview in the wilds of Northern Ontario to life in a way that makes perfect sense and symmetry. Through the pages of this book, Mali continually sheds very compelling light on how this original 8-herb formula may hold important clues for the 21st century.

Time is comin’ when all us on Mother Earth will be part of the army to save her.’ - Little Bill Penn (Uncle Yum), Twilight on the Thunderbird.

The book resonates with a feeling set by the illustrations as well as the pure prose of the writing.  While the earlier Snow/Klein books have been outstandingly informative, this book takes things to a new level, with a view to sorting out another time and conjuring up images as they might have been seen through the old medicine man's eyes. The intimate connection with nature and the power of the animals and plants comes alive in a palpable way in the pages of this book.

What a read! Order now and get the first copies off the press!  Only $12.  Buy it with The Complete Essiac Essentials for $30!

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