Glad To Be Here Tea! (4-herb Essiac, Sheep sorrel 25% roots)

$ 5.00

Blue Moon Herbs has been giving tea away to local folks ever since the start. We give Essiac to people who can't afford it or would just like to try it, and to "Essiac Caregivers" (A.K.A. Angels) so they can  make it for other folks in need.

We have been doing this and calling it the Glad to be Here Project. We do this instead of spending money on advertising. We believe in getting the word out in real life settings, first and foremost, much like Rene Caisse did. But we have many friends that are not right here in Polson Montana and so here you go electronically with a little bit of what we are doing in the area.

Now that we have increased the Sheep sorrel content of our Essiac herbs to 40% roots (up from 25%) (and up from 50% to 65% - Essiac Extra and variations). it was time to decide about whether or not to continue offering "Essiac 25%". 

The Glad to be Here Muse landed herself on the label and said, "Happy New Year 2023!" ...In an aside to us in the Winter Workshop, she said, "Spread some cheer!" Update: February rolled around and she said, time for heart energy on that label, in that tea, and in this world !

Well now it is April ...but wait....WHAT??! now its the end of July 2023?? Happy Summer! Keep cool! Love life as best you can!  Despite all the changes happening around and within us, I for one am still Glad to be here. A cup of tea is an excellent place from which to go forward.

"All we are saying.... is give Tea a chance!"

Its that Glad to be Here feeling. Whether you are feeling like a "1" today or haven't felt like a "10" in way too long, tomorrow is wide open and we will have a leg up on it if we drink our Essiac Tea :)

What was once mostly about circulating Glad to be here energy right "here" is a good idea for everywhere!  "If the will to never give up came in a cup, then it would taste like Essiac. Enjoy your Essiac!"

Buy 5 or 10 for a discount! 

10g 4-herb Essiac mix, Sheep sorrel content 25% roots! Glad-to-be-Here-Energy-infused!

Another great option: The Glad to be Here Mini Essiac Tea-Making Kit!