Essiac Seed Kit

$ 16.00 $ 20.00

Happy Spring 2021 Sale!

Slippery elm seeds won't be ready till late spring and we are out! They ripen in May/June and in the meantime, we are taking $4 off the Essiac Seed Kit price! 

There is no better, fresher, more potent and inexpensive Essiac in the world than that which you have grown and harvested yourself. You can include the whole Sheep sorrel plant in your formula, and have more potent Essiac than you could buy anywhere. Commercially, there is no Essiac on the market with a Sheep sorrel content being comprised of more than 25% roots (which is Blue Moon Herbs!). However, you can boost the root content in your own or any other Essiac by adding extra Sheep sorrel roots. They will be ready to harvest in earnest in the second fall, but will produce roots in the first year. Easy to grow!

The seed kit contains Burdock, Sheep sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Turkey rhubarb seeds, as well as a handy growing guide. Update March 2021: We are currently out of stock on Slippery elm seeds. Strictly Medicinal Seeds is our source and we are on the waiting list for this spring's seed. That seed will probably not be ready until June so in the meantime we are taking $4 off the price of our kit, our cost for these seeds. 

For video on growing the Essiac herbs, go to The Essiac Cafe!

Also, for you Facebook fans, check out the Essiac Growers Guild group, and share your growing experiences :)

Happy growing!