Essiac Seed Kit

$ 20.00

Unavailable until 2019.....our apologies!!

There is no better, fresher, more potent and inexpensive Essiac in the world than that which you have grown and harvested yourself. You can include the Sheep sorrel root in your formula, or even make the tea using 100% sheep sorrel root, as Mali Klein suggests.

The seed kit contains Burdock, Sheep sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Turkey rhubarb seeds, as well as a handy growing guide. NOTE September, 2018 - Slippery elm seeds and Burdock seeds did not produce this year. We are still selling Sheep sorrel seeds and Turkey rhubarb seeds, and hope to have the Essiac Seed Kits available again in 2019! 

For video on growing the Essiac herbs, go to The Essiac Cafe!

Also, for you Facebook fans, check out the Essiac Growers Guild group, and share your growing experiences :)

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