Sheep Sorrel Seed

$ 5.00

Rumex acetosella - Sheep sorrel - is ideal for growing at home. It is easy to grow and can be used to supplement your Essiac with additional Sheep sorrel roots. The roots are generally not available commercialy. By far the easiest and least expensive solution is to grow your own!

This seed is certified organic from the State of Washington and although harvested in 2012 from Trout Lake Farms, it has been stored well and is quite viable. We had a germination test done by our Montana Triple Divide Seeds Co-op  and the germination was excellent! 

It has been said that 80 year old sorrel seeds were still viable when tested by a scientist or a gardener somewhere! Well it is a pioneer plant and it loves to grow!

 Enjoy your Essiac journey...let it happen in the garden!