Blue Moon Essiac Tea-making Kit

$ 85.00

Rene Caisse and Mary McPherson used to make up two gallons of Essiac decoction at a time in a big old enamel kettle.  

But in today's world, simplicity is good. Making the tea just a bottle or two at a time is handy, and takes less time than making the larger quantities.

We're pleased to offer the Essiac Tea-making Kits. We have hand-picked the parts over the years to include the best kettle and supplies for making Essiac and combined them into an original kit :).  Included is everything one needs to make life good all over again one cup of tea at a time:

  • The Essiac Essentials Handbook (Mali Klein, Softcover, 2018, 81 pages)
  • 2-quart stainless steel cooking kettle with double slotted lid
  • two 16 oz. blue "Boston Round" bottles
  • a one oz. measuring cup (2 tablespoons/1/8 cup/30ml)
  • funnel and strainer
  • two 10 gram packets of Essiac tea herbs, ready to brew
  • a Blue Moon teacup!

The  kettle is deep, with a heavy bottom, perfect for Essiac and many other uses! The measurements are written inside the pot, so you know where to fill it to. 

When the tea is ready, you can pour directly from the kettle (using the smaller slots on the lid) into the funnel and strainer in place on the jar/bottle. The two-step straining through first the lid and then the strainer is sufficient to remove just the right amount of sediment while allowing the smallest pieces to pass through as Rene Caisse's did. It is normal to have sediment on the bottom of the jar after straining. The funnel has a detachable narrow stem for use with bottles, or remove it for use with jars. The strainer is lightweight and fits perfectly inside the funnel for easy decanting.

Each 10g packet makes one quart of Essiac decoction, a two to three week supply for one person when taken at the maximum recommended serving size of 2 oz. per day.