Essiac Extra Gold - Essiac Extra with Goldenseal

$ 8.50

Essiac Extra Gold is a 5-herb variation on the the Classic 4-herb Essiac formula, with the Sheep sorrel content 65% roots and 35% arial parts, and with added Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis). The ingredient originally used in the Native American formula from which Essiac was developed was most likely Goldthread (Coptis trifolia), which also contains berberine, a natural antibiotic and antidepressant which has shown promise in treating cancer and diabetes.

However, Goldthread is a slow-growing deep forest dweller that does not easily lend itself to cultivation and it has been over-harvested in the past. In the interests of providing a sustainable, affordable alternative to Essiac with Goldthread, our formula uses Goldenseal. Rene Caisse used this formula with some of her patients, and there is evidence that she mail ordered Goldenseal when she was unable to source wild-harvested Goldthread. Essiac Extra Gold can be rotated into your Essiac-drinking routine to provide variation on the standard formula, a way to keep your immune system paying attention. 

Warning: consult your physician or medical professional before using Essiac Gold if you have high blood pressure, as Goldenseal may be contraindicated. Essiac is not recommended for use during pregnancy.