Essiac Gold - Essiac with Goldenseal

$ 9.00

Essiac Gold is back!  The Classic 4-herb formula, Sheep sorrel content 25% roots and 75% arial parts, and with added Goldenseal roots. Although the ingredient originally used in the Native American formula from which Essiac was developed was most likely Goldthread (Coptis trifolia), in The Essiac Book (2006), Mali Klein recommends using Goldenseal root to make this variation on the classic 4-herb Essiac formula, which she dubs Essiac Gold. In 2010 Mali was introduced for the first time to Goldthread when she came to visit us in the wilds of Idaho. It is a native of North America, Asia and Greenland, and does not live in Europe, so she had not previously met Goldthread personally. When the last Snow/Klein book The Complete Essiac Essentials (2010) was released, Goldthread replaced Goldenseal in the Essiac Gold recipe.

However, Goldenseal is commercially available, and Goldthread is not.

Goldthread is a slow-growing deep forest dweller that does not easily lend itself to cultivation. It has been over-harvested in the past in the Eastern US, and remains today on the United Plant Savers 'To Watch' list. (This is better than being on their "At Risk" list, like Slippery elm is.)  

Both Goldenseal and Goldthread are rich in berberine, a natural antibiotic and antidepressant which has shown promise in treating cancer and diabetes.

In the interests of providing a sustainable, affordable option to East Shield Tea (which is not normally available)) we are bringing back The Old Essiac Gold! It tastes really good too :) 

Makes 5 cups, enough for 40 one oz. servings.