Glad To Be Here Tea! (Essiac Herbs, Sheep sorrel 25% roots)

$ 5.00

Blue Moon Herbs has been giving Essiac away to our local folks who can't afford it or would just like to try the tea for 13 years now! We love working with "Essiac Caregivers" (A.K.A. Earth Angels) so they can  make it for other folks in need too!

We have been doing this and informally calling it the Glad to be Here Project. We do this as our own form of advertising. We believe in getting the word out in real life settings, first and foremost, much like Rene Caisse did. We also value the role of self-empowerment and awareness of food and lifestyle choices and how they affect one's health both mental and physical...its about that Glad to Be Here feeling that shouts Tomorrow is Wide Open. Its about a growing feeling that the world is calming back down. Love is the strongest force of Nature for survival. In no small way we will have a better leg up on life's challenges if we drink our Essiac.

"If the will to never give up came in a cup, then it would taste like Essiac. Enjoy your Essiac!"

Buy 5 or 10 for a discount! 

10g 4-herb Essiac mix, 5-Herb Essiac with Red Clover, and Essiac with Goldenseal! Sheep sorrel content 25% roots! Glad-to-be-Here-Energy-infused!

Another great option: The Glad to be Here Mini Essiac Tea-Making Kit!