Burdock Tea

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Burdock tea was used by Rene Caisse to administer three of the four herbs in Essiac. In the days of her Essiac Cancer Clinic, she would inject the Sheep sorrel decoction and the Burdock tea, with the rest of the Essiac herbs, would be taken orally.

After the clinic closed, and Sheep sorrel injections were no longer being given, then all four herbs were again included in the decoction.

In The Complete Essiac Essentials (2010) Mali Klein shared the ways in which several of the people she worked with directly customized their Essiac treatment protocols by varying dosages and the formulae, incorporating Essiac with Red clover and Essiac with Goldenseal into the rotation, as Rene Caisse did when indicated.

The book contains a recipe for Sheep sorrel Solution, which is composed totally of Sheep sorrel.  More recently, though, a small amount of Slippery elm was added to the recipe to make the solution easier to apply topically, and we offer that herb mix as Essiac Topical Solution. If you prefer, you can take it as a tea (Sheep sorrel decoction) internally. It should be counted as a substitute for your daily dose of Essiac. The other option is to use it topically and additionally take the regular daily dosage of Essiac, Essiac Gold, Essiac with Red Clover, or Burdock tea.

Burdock Tea ingredients:

Burdock (Arctium lappa) - root, cut - 83%

Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra) - inner bark, powdered - 13.5%

Turkey rhubarb (Rheum palmautm) - root, powdered - 3.5%