Essiac Master Batch - our best buy!

$ 450.00

Our newest bulk option - the Essiac Master Batch! 

This is the recipe that Rene Caisse's helper Mary McPherson gave for Essiac in an affidavit filed with the Town of Bracebridge Ontario, Canada. Make it up one quart at a time or make up several gallons at a time like Rene Caisse did weekly after she 'retired.' This price is 30% off our 8 oz. price and amounts to under 12 cents per one oz. serving!

We offer this option because we have been getting a lot of inquiries from folks wanting to buy wholesale.

One Essiac Master Batch amounts to two lbs. 13 oz. or 45 oz. Taking 2 oz. per day of the decoction, the average person taking two oz. per day will use about one oz. of the mix per month. The Master Batch is enough for 45 months for one person.

Show me the root!  Sheep sorrel, that is.

Now that Sheep sorrel root's central importance to the Essiac formula is more widely recognized, many Essiac makers are beginning to include it in their products, but supply remains a huge issue.  We at Blue Moon Herbs spent most of 2016 and 2017 wildcrafting and growing our own Sheep sorrel for the roots. The fall of 2017 blessed us with a US-grown custom crop, certified Organic! 

We take honesty in advertising very seriously.  "Show me the root?" - OK!

Open source advertising, maybe you could call it!  A picture is worth a thousand words. We've decided to give our customers an option to see just what they're getting when they buy Blue Moon Herbs Essiac. To accomplish this, the herbs in the Master Batch all come packaged separately. 

The Essiac Master Batch 2 lbs. 13 oz.:

1lb. 8 oz. Burdock root, US-grown  (Oregon Tilth) certified organic, coarse-cut

12 oz. Sheep sorrel, arial parts, US-grown certified organic, cut 

4 oz. Sheep sorrel roots, US-grown (Oregon Tilth) certified organic, cut

4 oz. Slippery elm, inner bark, US-grown wildcrafted, powdered

1 oz. Turkey rhubarb, root, US-grown certified organic, powdered

Burdock seed - 100 seeds

Sheep sorrel seed - 1g

***At this time, we do not sell Sheep sorrel roots separately.