I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse

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I am so pleased to have found a full-sized copy of this booklet at the Bracebridge Ontario Public Library! The images have printed up very nicely and are much more legible than in the smaller version of this booklet that we have offered in the past. And, there was a little bit more in the original!  In the section entitled "The Cancer Controversy" Nurse Caisse includes two reprints of articles in support of her thesis, and additional commentary.

This first-person account of the story of Essiac was written by Rene Caisse herself, in 1966 at age 78. The story begins with her introduction to the Native American formula in the 1920s, and covers her subsequent development and refinement of the Essiac formulae. In the Essiac heydays of the 1920s and 1930s, Rene Caisse came within three votes in the Canadian Parliament of being allowed to practice medicine as a nurse, based on the remarkable success she was having treating patients at her Essiac cancer clinic in Bracebridge.  She recounts these amazing times, and also weighs in on the  subsequent disappointments and frustrations associated with trying to keep Essiac available despite opposition from the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry.

"What actual progress has been made during the past 50 years in the cancer therapy field....Until the public is aroused, and demands the liberty and freedom to get the treatments of their choice, this tragedy will continue for an indefinite time." - Rene Caisse, I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse

It has now been another 50 years since Rene Caisse wrote this in her book - 100 years on and her words still ring true. But thanks to people like Ty Bollinger and many others, the public is becoming more and more aware of the many other options available for treatment and prevention of Cancer, Diabetes and many other dis-eases of our modern times.