Kuchenprofi 18/10 Stainless Steel Funnel with strainer

$ 37.00

This funnel is unique because it has an opening that is smaller than most wide-mouth canning jar funnels, yet it is wider than the narrow-mouth bottle funnels. This versatility comes in handy when using a combination of jars that have different sized openings. It is a very high quality German-made product, and comes with a removable fine mesh strainer, which can be used to strain the tea when pouring it into the jars. The fine strainer is easily removable and this funnel also works well with a small kitchen sieve placed inside it, which will afford a closer match for what Rene Caisse used. Great all around kitchen tool!

Update March 2024: The price on these has gone up $12 in the last two years! They are available on Amazon or you can still order them here  as we look for a better price on them tho we have to increase the price now also. They are great funnels. We use them each month when we package more Essiac!


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