Sheep Sorrel Seed

$ 5.00 $ 15.00

Rumex acetosella - Sheep sorrel - is the one ingredient in Essiac that is ideal for growing at home, to supplement your Essiac with additional Sheep sorrel roots, or to make your own Essiac from scratch and use all roots for the Sheep sorrel portion, as Mali Klein does! Sheep sorrel roots are almost impossible to come by in the retail marketplace. By far the easiest and least expensive solution is to grow your own and Sheep sorrel is easy to grow,

Our 1 oz size, normally $15, is now on sale for only $10 while supplies last. This represents a big savings compared to Sheep sorrel seed sold elsewhere. This seed is certified organic from the State of Washington and although harvested in 2012, it is still very viable. The seeds are small and there are a phenomenal amount of them in one ounce to make for a huge bumper crop!  

 Enjoy your Essiac journey...let it extend to the garden!