Book Combo Special: The Essiac Trilogy!

$ 46.00

We have brought the Essiac Trilogy Special back! Long long ago when Blue Moon Herbs was called and the earlier Snow/Klein books were still in print, we had a special called the Essiac Trilogy, which included these three books:

  1. Essiac Essentials  (Sheila Snow & Mali Klein, softcover, 1999, 135 p.)
  2. Essiac: The Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy (Snow/Klein, softcover, 2001, 180 p.)
  3. The Essiac Book (Sheila Snow & Mali Klein, softcover, 2006, 128 p.)

All three of those books are now out of print. In part this was because of changes in publishers that called for a re-write vs. a re-printing.

My collaboration with Mali Klein to keep Essiac known and available began with the publishing of The Complete Essiac Essentials (Sheila Snow & Mali Klein, softcover, 2010, 181 p.), now also out of print.

Then in 2014, with the blessings of our Cheyenne mentor Moke Eagle Feathers, Mali produced Black Root Medicine The Original Native American Essiac Formula (Mali Klein, softcover, 2014, 54 p.). 

And then, in 2016, came The Essiac Essentials Handbook. (Mali Klein, softcover, 2016, 81 p.), the sixth book resulting from the Snow & Klein collaboration. Sheila Snow died in 2008, but her many years of being part of and collecting Essiac history are the source of much of the material in all of the Essiac books written by she and/or Mali.

With the publishing of Mali's final conclusions in The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition 1922-2022, (Sheila Snow & Mali Klein, softcover, 2021, 207 p.)  we now have three books in print again! 

The new book is available at the above link for $25.

If bought as part of the Trilogy, however, the price for all three books is $46!

  1. Black Root Medicine The Original Native American Essiac Formula - $13
  2. Essiac Essentials Handbook - $10
  3. Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition - $23 - $6 off list price

The first one, Black Root Medicine, is good for your soul along with being practical and informative.

The second one, the Handbook, is your invaluable guidebook for everything you need to work with Essiac, from growing the herbs to making and working with the tea. It is a great loaner for friends new to Essiac!

And the third one, the Centennial Edition, is the Charm. It truly completes Mali's goal of preserving Essiac's legacy going forward. It is full of color pictures showing the history of Rene Caisse and Essiac and is the perfect research companion for the searchable database available on the Essiac website, dedicated to memorializing accurate, comprehensive Essiac information on the internet.

Thank you Mali for all you have done for Essiac! Your books belong in the libraries of anyone looking for the unabridged true story of Essiac.